Chinese Herbs For Menopause Hot Flashes

by Aliza Adar Levine

Posted Mar 30th 2007,
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Using Herbs for Hot Flashes We've all heard the term "hot flashes", unless we've lived under a rock, or are too young to pay attention to such health woes. Hot flashes are typically associated with the period in life where a woman goes through what is called perimenopause, and then menopause. This is the time of life for a woman where her menstrual cycle slows down, and…

Stopping Menopausal Hot Flashes Studies show that over 50% of women going through menopause experience hot flashes—that means you are more likely to get them than you are to be hot-flash-free. These uncomfortable moments cause sweating, a rapidly beating heart, and flushing and make you physically uncomfortable, possibly even embarrassing you when you are in public situations.…

Herbs for Menopause Relief Today, the number of women turning to herbs for menopause relief is staggering. With great concern about hormone replacement therapy in recent years, we now see women interested in avoiding chemicals and toxins, preferring a natural path. Because there are so many women now seeking alternatives to traditional treatment for menopause, more…

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As a TCM herbalist for many years, I can tell you that Chinese Herbs can really help with Hot Flashes. Even stopping them altogether in many cases! This is because the Chinese Medicine system treats the cause of the Hot flashes. This is usually dryness and a deep dehydration that comes with age. TCM does not focus on hormones, or try to replace them!

Don't worry you don't have to know a thing about Chinese Herbs. Here are some effective formulas! All formula ingredients are well known and researched TCM herbs that are %100 safe, even for a child.

You can just print the formulas and take them to a Chinese Herb store. They are actually prescriptions! Some Chinese Herbal Pharmacies will make up capsules for you. Many will make up powders of all of the ingredients together. Just take a teaspoon mixed with some warm water 2-3 times a day.

Also, very effective is to gently boil the "raw" herbs for 20 minutes and simply drink the strong "Decoction" several times a day. This is the traditional way, but I haven't seen many people willing to put up with the hassle, bad smell or taste, for too long. So, powders are fine, and easy to take.

Here's Two Great formulas:

The first is for Hot Flashes that are really bad, as well as dehydration. All ingredients are well known and researched TCM herbs that are %100 safe, even for a child.

TCM HotFlashBuster #1
1-part… HuangBai(Phellodendron Rt.)
1-part… ZhiMu(Anemarrhena Rt)
1-part… DiGuPi(Lycium Rt)
1-part… YinChaiHU(Stellaria Rt)
1-part… MuDanPi(Moutan Bark)
1-part… DanShen(Chinese Salvia)
1-part… JinYinHua(Honeysuckle blossoms)
2-part… ShengDiHuang(Rehmania)
2-part… QingHao(Sweet Artemesia)
2-part… BaiShao(White Peony Rt)
2-part… GouQiZi(Lycium Fruit)
2-part… NuZhenzi(Privet Fruit)
2-part… TianMenDong(Asparagus Rt)
1-part… TuSiZi(Dodder Seeds)
1-part… WuWeZi(Schizandra seeds)

The second is if you have a tendency to get Bloated or swollen:

TCM HotFlashBuster #2

2-part… QingHao(Sweet Artemesia)
2-part… BaiShao(White Peony Rt)
2-part… GouQiZi(Lycium Fruit)
2-part… NuZhenzi(Privet Fruit)
2-part… TianMenDong(Asparagus Rt)
2-part… HuangBai(Phellodendron Rt.)
1-part… ZhiMu(Anemarrhena Rt)
1-part… DiGuPi(Lycium Rt)
1-part… YinChaiHU(Stellaria Rt)
1-part… MuDanPi(Moutan Bark)
1-part… DanShen(Chinese Salvia)
1-part… JinYinHua(Honeysuckle blossoms)
1-part… TuSiZi(Dodder Seeds)
1-part… WuWeZi(Schizandra seeds)
1-part… Houpo(Magnolia Bark)

If You want to try Western Herbs instead… Or, you can't get TCM herbs… Or, it's too weird… Here's a Really effective Western Formula:

But, Relax, you don't have to copy it exactly to get good results. Even if you can't get all of the Herbs, it's OK. They are all designed to go well together. These Herbs also tincture well together. Tinctures a are concentrated,powerful form of herb delivery. One teaspoon is enough 3 times a day is a medicinal dose.

MAKE your own Herbal Medicine tinctures!

You can make your own tinctures by mixing herbs with vodka or Brandy in a glass container. It's simple: Pack 1/4-1/3 herbs (leaves,powders,roots,flowers etc.)into a large glass jar (mason,canning or even empty coffee, etc.)then fill the rest with any Drinkable alcohol like vodka or Brandy. Close top securely, shake it up, and be sure to write the date and the names of the herbs.

This is crucial for later. In 2 weeks you can already start to use the tincture. But, don't strain it yet! Let the herbs sit in the alcohol for at least a month.It will just get stronger and stronger with time. Then, strain out herb material and fill smaller bottles.

Take 3 teaspoons daily. Be sure to dilute each dose well in water, juice etc. before taking by mouth.

Western Hot Flash Buster Formula:

Best is to get 1 ounce (or 25 grams) for each "Part" in the formula.

3-parts… Marshmallow Rt.(Althea)
2-parts… Asparagus Rt.
2-parts… White Peony Rt.
2-parts… Spirulina Powder
1-part… Lemon Balm(Mellissa)
1-part… Dandelion Rt.(Taraxacum)
1/4-part..Turmeric Rt and/or…
1/4-part..Fennel seeds

This is Deeply Nourishing and Hydrating. Tincture and start to take by the teaspoon in 2 weeks. 3-4 times a day is good for mild Hot Flashes. Every few hours for Serious Heat Blasters.

[Important!Don't forget, Alcohol in tinctures can Bother Hot Flashes! If you are taking tinctures every few hours, then pour boiling water over the dose in a cup. When it cools off, Dilute well. That's enough to neutralize the alcohol for most people.] You can also order the herbs in powder form and drink 1 teaspoon 3 X Day mixed with water. Or fill your own herbal capsules.

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